Know All About Concrete Shower Pan: Materials and Models Review

Shower enclosures for a bathroom floor come in a variety of designs structures and style. Homeowners today have on average unlimited choices in these custom enclosure or a preassembled shower pan units.

For those who are looking for custom shower pans need to make sure that the base is in final shape and will last for years to come.

Concrete shower pans have always been and are still considered one of the best shower bases for many homes as they are cost-effective, and yet give you an option to alter it into many styles and designs.

However, concrete shower trays too come with its own downfalls, and this article here gives you a complete analysis on concrete shower floors.

Concrete Shower Pan Vs. Fiber Shower Pan

Fiberglass is a great option for people who are looking for a cheaper yet flexible floor.

This fiberglass option is lightweight and works extremely well in circumstances when the upper floor of a building may not be able to withstand heavy materials.

Being flexible, fiberglass is also hard wearing which means that the material will not subdue to any kind of cracks, scratches, damages and other such harsh treatments.

Affordability is why they are popular today and cannot be altered into any shape suitable for nonstandard and standard style base.

A concrete floor on the other hand is a common construction material making it strong, durable and definitely affordable. Since concrete can be poured into any shape, it can be altered according to one’s design and structure.

Hence, just like fiberglass, concrete can be allowed for both nonstandard and standard shapes. Since concrete does not call for any kind of tiling, it can be left uncovered, and this appearance may not be liked by all.

To get a more attractive and waterproof finish using tiles on concrete bases are more preferred than to leave it open.

Marble Shower Pan Vs Concrete Base

Marble is one of the most luxurious materials out there, and provides very high standard in appearance. However, in reality they can be extremely expensive and heavy which not many would prefer out there.

Moreover, they are quite expensive and an affordable option could be cultured marble base. This is a shower base made from limestone and fiberglass resin. Cultured marble base gives you the realistic marble appearance and is waterproof, strong and durable.

This makes it a popular option for many who need an attractive appearance at a cost-effective strategy. They are also stain resistant and relatively easy to clean.

This makes its maintenance quite easy and an aesthetic appearance that will last for years.

Concrete on the other hand gives you just a basic appearance, but for those who would go for the classic style may prefer concrete base. However, since concrete is left open, the force of the water falling on them can easily erode the top layer cement and reveal a highly rough texture.

This may not be preferable for people who are looking for a smooth finish on their shower floor. Moreover, people who are in the habit of taking a shower barefoot may be really uncomfortable on the rough surface.

Over time, this exposed layer of cement will trap all kinds of dirt and ultimately lead to leakage beneath it.

This means, that you need to take care of concrete bases really well and make sure that you hire a really skilled craftsmen to ensure 100% waterproof functionality.

However, concrete is still considered as one of the most preferred option in many homes since they are cost-effective and if you manage to get an installer who is highly experienced with installing concrete floor pans, you have nothing to worry at all.

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